April 21, 2023

You must select suitable colour schemes for your garden to achieve the perfect landscape design. Choosing the right colour combination makes your garden look cohesive, beautiful and well-organized. 

It’s easy to get carried away, but understanding the basics of landscape design will not only help you choose flowers that work well together, but you will also be able to choose flowers that look great too!

Basics of Landscape Design

  • Determine The Type Of Soil You Have And Sun Exposure

If your landscape is in full sun, you will need specific types of plants; the same is true if your landscape is in full shade. You should also determine whether your soil is sandy, well-draining, clay-like, or wet. This information will help you select the right types of plants, after which you can choose a colour scheme that brings your flowers together. 

  • Determine Your Landscaping Needs

Are you interested in a decorative flower garden, or do you want your flower garden to provide privacy? Some flower gardens can serve as a boundary between your property and your neighbours, and this information will also help you select colour schemes that are suitable for the purpose you want your flower garden to serve. 

  • Determine How Much Time You Can Devote To Your Garden

If you enjoy spending time outdoors, you can select different plants from those who wish to spend as little time as possible in their garden. Certain flowers will need lots of time and effort to remain beautiful, while other types of plants may require less work.

  • Determine Your Favorite Colors

Your preferences will play a role in your selection process, and your landscape design should reflect your taste. Choosing colour schemes is the best part of the flower garden design process, and you can choose colours you love or colours you think will complement your home. 

Popular Garden Colour Schemes

  • Complementary

This scheme will allow you to use two colours throughout your garden repeatedly. For example, contrasting colours can include purple and yellow or red and green. A complementary colour scheme will help you create a dramatic and cohesive look. 

  • Analogous

This colour scheme uses three colours that are similar to each other on the colour wheel. You can start with your favourite colour, then use a colour wheel to select colours immediately to the right and left. Choosing plants that fall within these three colours will create a beautiful garden that is also well-organized.

  • Monochromatic

This kind of garden will have a dramatic appearance and look tailored. It is an easy scheme to implement, and you can start with your favourite colour and then add flowers in different shades of that same colour. 

  • Warm Or Cool

Your garden can include colours that are either warm, like reds, oranges and yellows or have cool colours, like blues, purples and greens. This colour scheme will prevent colours from clashing and help create a cohesive look. 


Do you need help choosing the perfect colour scheme for your garden? The experts at Cedar Grounds will help you select colours that match your taste and personal design preferences. We will listen to and implement your ideas into your landscape design. 

We have served the Mississauga community for years and will transform your outdoor space. Contact us today to learn more about our landscaping services!

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