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Custom Planters MississaugaIntroducing a custom planter to an outdoor space will instantly enhance the area. With the ability to be fully customized, you can rest assured that we will create the perfect planter to fit any situation.

Why should you use custom planters?

  • Avoiding the limitations of pre-made shapes and materials.
  • Receive a product that perfectly fits a space given the size, shape, drainage and material.
  • The flexibility of creating a custom planter for any occasion. This includes but is not limited to seasonal, or specific events.
  • Get the exact ensemble of greenery you want to bring a space together.

Improve Curb Appeal
Go beyond filling an empty space. A custom planter will add the elegance or dash of colour to round out an outdoor living space and impress your guests.

Seasonal Planters
Seasons change, so should your planters! Keeping your planters fresh and consistent with the seasons will further increase the curb appeal and inspire a sense of thoughtfulness and attention to detail that is sure to enchant your guests or potential clients.

Save Time
Maintaining planters can be meticulous, especially if you’re not familiar with the greenery inside them. We will take care of the maintenance of the planters so you can spend less time worrying and more time enjoying your perfect outdoor space.

Did We Mention Customizability
Shape, size, color, permanent or event-specific, we will make the perfect piece to encapsulate the exact tone you’re aiming for. Your custom planter will be designed to fit in the space seamlessly.

Increased Property Value
First impressions are important and custom planters have the ability to create that wow factor that generates immediate interest. In addition to the increased curb appeal, custom planters are a smart investment that can tie together a beautiful outdoor living space and increase property value.

If you have an outdoor space that is missing some extra flair or you have an area you’re not quite sure how to incorporate, contact us or call (905) 858-8528 to get started on the perfect custom planter for your space.

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