March 5, 2024

As a trusted landscape and excavation company serving the Mississauga region in Ontario, we understand the importance of maintaining healthy, vibrant yards and gardens. A crucial part of any landscape design is applying an effective layer of mulch. 

Mulch can help a landscape stand out with colour and contrast with an attractive, shiny appearance. Mulch additionally assists with plants’ health and allows them to remain at a powerful growth rate. There are a variety of advantages to incorporating soil and mulch into your yard. Furthermore, mulch assists with the maintenance of your plants without demanding much as a retreat. All things considered, there are certain lists of things to help mulch look appealing and fresh, no matter the climate. 

Typically, mulch requires a small amount of dedication to operate as it needs to. It’s most vital to periodically search for the depth of your mulch and ensure that it stumbles between 2-4 inches deep.

In this article, we will guide you on maintaining mulch throughout the year, ensuring your garden remains resilient during the harsh winter months and is prepared to flourish come spring.

Why Replace Mulch?

Mulch provides several benefits but is not intended to last forever. Exposure to sunlight, rain, freezing temperatures and other elements will eventually cause mulch to deteriorate. Some common signs that indicate it’s time for a mulch refresh include weeds popping up, an uneven distribution with some areas having more coverage than others, and dry soil lacking moisture retention underneath. 

For most yards in our area, mulch should be replenished on an annual basis before the start of the growing season in late spring. This allows newly-applied mulch to settle over the summer months and provide protection over the fall and winter. If you missed replacing mulch last year, it’s crucial to do so now to prevent weeds and maintain soil health.

Removing Old Mulch

When it’s time to apply fresh mulch, the old stuff must come out first. Pulling up and disposing of degraded mulch is important for several reasons:

– It removes any weed seeds lingering underneath that could take root in new mulch. 

– Refreshing the soil surface prevents compacted areas and allows water and air to circulate freely.

– New mulch won’t settle properly if laid over an uneven, lumpy old layer.

– Certain types of decaying mulch can deplete nitrogen levels in the soil over time if left in place.

Be sure to rake the entire mulched area clean before laying down fresh material. This small step makes a big difference in achieving a neat, contaminant-free landscape.

How Deep Should New Mulch Be?

Most landscape professionals recommend applying hardwood or bark mulch to a depth of 2-4 inches (5-10 cm). This creates an adequate barrier to smother weeds while also retaining moisture and insulating plant roots. However, the ideal depth depends on your specific plants and conditions.

For annual flower beds, a slightly thinner 2-3 inch layer is preferable to avoid packing down too much over the summer. Around trees and shrubs, maintain a 3-4 inch mulch ring extending a few inches from the trunk to protect sensitive root zones. Don’t mulch right up against building foundations to prevent trapping moisture. 

The key is applying an even layer across each bed or area. Use a rake or garden claw to fluff and spread mulch evenly once it’s down. This ensures full ground coverage. Top up mulch as needed throughout the growing season if the level starts to thin out.

Watering After Application  

To help newly installed mulch settle properly into the soil, it’s important to water thoroughly after spreading. This compacts mulch pieces while also re-hydrating soil and plant roots disrupted during the removal and laying process. Aim for about 1-2 inches of water either from rainfall or irrigation, within a day or two. 

However, be cautious not to overwater, as it can cause mulch to float and bunch up in low-lying areas of the yard. Proper watering integration is another important factor for successful mulch installation and maximum benefits over the long run.

Raking and Refreshing

As mulch breaks down and settles throughout the season, it may require occasional fluffing to maintain an attractive appearance. Using a hard rake, comb through mulched areas every few months to break up packed areas and clumps. This mixing also redistributes nutrients into the soil. 

If mulch seems thin in spots after a few months, don’t hesitate to top it up in those areas as a quick touch-up. Monitor your yard regularly and address any issues like this promptly for healthy soil and plants. At a minimum, plan a full mulch replacement next spring before the new growing season ramps up. 

Hiring Professional Help  

Installing and maintaining mulch properly takes some effort and know-how. As an established landscape and excavation company serving Mississauga, our team of trained technicians can handle all your mulching needs from start to finish. We have the right equipment and expertise to remove old mulch efficiently, lay an attractive new layer to the perfect depth specifications, and ensure it settles smoothly with proper watering techniques. 

Rather than tackling a labour-intensive mulching project yourself, let us do the heavy lifting to achieve beautiful, low-maintenance results. We also offer ongoing landscape maintenance programs to help refresh your mulch regularly without you lifting a finger. Contact us today for a free estimate.


Following best practices like those outlined above ensures your time and money spent on mulch pays off with healthy, vibrant landscaping you can enjoy all season long. With a landscape design by our team and regular mulch replacements and maintenance, you can rest assured your yard will always look its lush, weed-free best. 

If you have further questions on mulch or would like to expand your knowledge further on the mulch that would suit your preferred needs, contact Cedar Ground today, and we will be at your assistance immediately. We take great pride in our commitment to serving the needs of both local homeowners and businesses. Our offerings include the widest range of trees, shrubs, flowers, premium mulch and a variety of other products to cater to your landscaping and gardening needs.

Don’t hesitate to reach out with any other questions!

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