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Icy days call for salt, and while sprinkling this will help clear walkways and prevent slip-and-fall accidents, we need to consider its effects on our landscaping. Salt runoff can kill the grass and plants that line your driveway and walkways. 

Plants will absorb the salt in the soil, leaving them with nutrient deficiency, and at high levels, it can burn the leaves and cause them to die. Additionally, snow with salt is very damaging when plowed or shovelled onto your lawn or garden, as the salt will settle into the soil and absorb water. This means your plants will not receive enough water, and their roots will dry out as a result.

Rock salt kills grass and plants; however, this does not mean you cannot use salt, and there are steps to make salt work for you. 

How to Manage Salt Damage 

Salt is used every winter to de-ice roads and sidewalks, and it is also valuable for fighting weeds; However, you need to be mindful of damage—here is how you can manage this aspect:

  • Apply Salt Early

When salt is applied towards the end of winter, it is much more damaging than when applied early in winter. Using salt early on will allow it to break down and disperse while the roots are still dormant, limiting plant damage. 

  • Limit Your Salt Use

Salt is useful, but you can also mix in other materials like sand, sawdust and cinders to add traction during the winter months. This will reduce the amount of salt you use.

  • Apply The Salt Carefully

Avoid shovelling or plowing salty snow into your lawn or over a garden. If the purpose of your salt application is to kill weeds, apply it carefully to avoid contaminating nearby plants. 

  • Use A Physical Barrier To Protect Your Plants

Setting barriers like a stone border around your garden or on the edge of your lawn will limit salt exposure by preventing salt from your driveway from washing in. A drainage system will also help direct the runoff around any plants.


Salt is an effective nontoxic herbicide, although it can sometimes do more harm than good, so you must be careful. How can you care for your landscaping properly? The experts at Cedar Grounds can help! We are one of the top landscaping companies in Mississauga and will safely get rid of unwanted weeds. 

We specialize in residential landscaping and lawn care, and our wide range of services and experience set us apart from other landscaping companies in Mississauga. Contact us today to learn more about our team and how we can help!

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