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Spring is a beautiful season associated with fresh flowers, but in order to have a great garden, you need to understand bloom times and schedules. Fall-planted bulbs will bloom at different times in the spring, and you need to know the bloom times of certain bulbs before you start shopping to plan your garden design accordingly. 

This information can be a little bit confusing, and the following guide will provide you with a bloom time guide:

1. Early spring bloomers

These are the first to show their lovely spring colours, and these bulbs start to appear once the snow begins to melt, either in April or May. 

 2. Mid-spring bloomers

These bulbs make their entrance in May or sometimes June.

3. Late spring bloomers

These bulbs are the last to appear, but the wait is worth it because of their beauty! These bulbs will generally start to show colour in the month of June. 

Keeping it simple is always best when picking out bulbs, and once you select the variety you want, you need to commit to it. Make sure you buy enough bulbs of that variety to plant a nice grouping, and always put thought into the timing of blooms. For example, if you want the mini botanical tulip known as Chrysantha, which blooms early, consider planting a Darwin Hybrid tulip-like Beauty of Spring (which is a mid-spring bloomer) close by as this will provide you with lovely colours in your garden progressively throughout spring. 

It is also recommended that you match colours according to bloom time, and you can do this by selecting a few varieties within the same bloom time grouping and watching them turn an ordinary garden into a picturesque one come spring. Triumph tulips are great in this regard, and you can select your three favourite ones to mix yourself and plant them in one big grouping. This will provide your garden with maximum impact because the three varieties you choose will bloom at the same time. 

Many garden centres will do the work for you by providing pre-mixed packages of the best companions, and this will provide you with a mix of bulbs that will complement each other in colour, stem length and also bloom time. Understanding the bloom times of fall-planted bulbs is the key to a beautiful garden, and this information will make a very big difference in your planning. Keeping it simple will always work best, and commit to planting bulbs in the fall as this will ensure colourful blooms from early spring to summer. 

If this sounds overwhelming, there’s no need to worry because landscaping companies will do the work on your behalf and will make sure you have a gorgeous garden. Landscaping companies have the knowledge and expertise to plant blooms properly and will use all of the right tools and equipment to provide you with a beautiful outdoor space. 

If you are looking for landscaping companies in Mississauga, Cedar Grounds is ready to transform your garden! We will provide you with a beautiful landscape design and specialize in residential landscaping services. Contact us today to learn more!

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