commercial landscaping Mississauga April 6, 2022

If you want to have an attractive home then having a green lawn that looks and feels healthy is crucial to upping the curb appeal of your home. Maybe you want to impress your visitors or passersby, or you want a beautiful place where you can enjoy the warmer weather, your lawn will be the first thing that people will see about your home. However, it can be difficult to achieve a luscious and healthy, green looking lawn. But it should not need to use a lot of hard work or harsh chemicals. 

Certain types of fertilizers and chemicals can end up harming your children or even your pets and cause permanent damage to your lawn that is hard to reverse. There are better and more effective solutions to fight naturally occurring issues like bugs or other annoying pests. The best and number one solution will be to hire professionals to help you with organiz lawn care. 

Organic lawn care is the process of developing and maintaining your lawn by sticking to only natural methods. Organic lawn care is a sustainable way to garden or take care of your lawn. This is because it focuses on recycling nutrients through the soil and using vitamins in order to help your lawn grow and repair damaged or worn out areas instead of relying on harsh unnatural fertilizers and chemicals to do this. There are two main processes when it comes to organic lawn care and each of them come with their own benefits. 

Kelp biostimulants 

  • Helps feed soil microflora which helps to increase efficiency and the uptake of nutrients in the plants and grass
  • Features little to no odour
  • Is better for natural drought resistance
  • There are no risks of burning your lawn
  • It is pet and child friendly

Corn gluten fertilizer

  • Controls a wide range of broadleaf weeds
  • Helps build up a stronger and more attractive looking turf
  • Is all natural and completely pet and child friendly
  • Helps to develop deeper roots for your grass which will result in the need to water your lawn less

At Cedar Grounds we specialize in a wide range of yard maintenance and organic lawn care so that you can achieve a beautiful lawn and yard in an environmentally-friendly and sustainable way. Our lawn care experts are able to walk you through the process from beginning to end, and help you weight the potential benefits and features to help you understand which services your lawn needs. 

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