Interlocking and Retaining Walls

white and beige house with interlock drivewayInterlocking Paving Stones

Interlocking is a great way to spruce up your property and it can be done in a wide variety of ways. Whether you’re looking to replace your driveway, enhance your back patio, or add a stone walkway, interlocking paving stones are attractive and versatile, perfect for all sorts of landscaping applications. While it’s possible to lay interlocking on your own, hiring an interlocking expert can help you avoid a handful of problems down the road. Our expert team offers:

  • Hand laid interlocking
  • Grading & tamping to ensure solid foundation
  • Proper placement & spacing for increased longevity
  • Sand fill to prevent weed growth or insect problems

Cedar grounds offer a wide range of interlocking paving stones and designs, backed by a skilled team that will lay and protects your new investment. Once your interlocking paving stones are laid, it’s important that they are protected from the elements. Over time, your stones may face erosion or slight shifts, so it’s important to ensure your interlocking is protected. Our interlocking protection services can help protect your newly-laid backyard patio or walkway in a variety of ways, such as:

  • Protection from staining & weed growth
  • Protection from mould, mildew, moss, and fungus
  • UV protection
  • Protection against insect infestation
  • Protection from pitting
  • Cleaning and maintenance services

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are an attractive and functional landscaping feature that can increase the curb appeal of your property while preventing problems due to weather or erosion over time. However, laid improperly or with low-quality interlocking stones, retaining walls can be extremely expensive to repair and maintain in the future. From the foundation and stones to the placement of each block, our team of trained experts builds carefully crafted retaining walls, tailored to suit your needs. Whether your wall is being built for functional or aesthetic reasons, here are a few of the many retaining wall services we offer:

  • Concrete Retaining Walls
  • Curved Retaining Walls
  • Stacked Stone Retaining Walls
  • Tiered Retaining Walls
  • Cantilever retaining walls
  • Counterfort retaining walls
  • Gravity retaining walls

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