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Winter is finally here, but that doesn’t mean you have to put a hold on starting a project around your home. If you’ve been wanting to install a retaining wall, there are many benefits to doing it during winter.

Why Retaining Wall Construction?

It’s easier to hire a contractor during the winter months when their schedules are less hectic. In fact, you may even find it’s more affordable to hire a contractor to install your retaining wall during winter compared to spring or summer.

Labour-intensive jobs in the summer can take more time. Demand is at its highest and costs are usually more significant during high season. Winter offers workers more relief, which can mean faster results – great news if you’re paying by the hour.

One of the biggest advantages of winter retaining wall construction is that come summer, you will be able to enjoy it! Canadian summers can be short, which means you’ll want to spend as much of your time outside as possible, enjoying the weather, entertaining guests, and not dealing with a construction team on your property.

Maximize your time in the summer by completing as much as you can during the winter months – you’ll be happy to have one less project on your “to-do list” this spring! Instead, you’ll be able to sit back, have a cold drink and take in the beauty of your new and enhanced backyard landscape.

When choosing a retaining wall, make sure the design you choose suits the needs of your backyard and property. You don’t want to build a style that doesn’t match your landscaping. Work with your contractor to carefully plan out where you want retaining walls, the size and measurements, and how it will blend in with the rest of your backyard.

Be Creative!

Consider talking to your contractor about creative alternatives to the typical rectangular wall structure. Have some fun with the design by adding textures and curves to keep it interesting.

What To Expect

Your contractor will need to dig out a base several inches below grade to ensure its level. They’ll need to complete this task before the ground freezes, so consider this project for the beginning or end of winter.

Winter Retaining Wall Maintenance

If you already have a retaining wall, then take advantage of the winter months to have repairs or maintenance completed.

Not sure if your wall needs some attention? Survey your wall and the surrounding ground throughout the winter. Check for cracks and loose stones, drainage issues and the pressure of the soil behind the wall. Also, avoid using salts or deicers around the wall, which can degrade your stone.

If you find any issues during your inspection, contact your local hardscaping professionals about how best to repair any winter damage.

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