landscaping Mississauga-Cedar Grounds April 29, 2020

Now that spring is here, you can finally start thinking about your outdoor space, and coming up with new planting ideas is a great way of elevating your landscape. This is a particularly exciting time for anyone with a green thumb and the results will prove that your time and efforts were worth it.
Here are a few ideas for you to consider this spring:


This is a very popular choice because violas can withstand some frost, which can still occur during spring so you won’t have to worry if you experience unusually cold weather. Additionally, they come in a wide variety of colours and will easily brighten up a dull landscape, so it’s a great option to consider.

Pre-potted bulbs

This is definitely a must because they will add a lot of colour to your outdoor space. There is a long list of bulbs you can choose from, including tulips, daffodils and hyacinths, which will provide you with beautiful bursts of colour all around. It’s important to remember that when these are first planted, they will not seem like much but as the days become warmer, you will start to see results, so be patient.


This is a great option because this plant will thrive during the cooler days and nights, can withstand heat and will continue to keep growing throughout the year, making it an ideal plant for any landscape. They are available in almost every colour and are great all-season plants, so make sure you consider them this spring.


This plant has come a very long way because they were once considered summer only annuals; however, this is no longer the case. Newer varieties can handle both the cold and the heat, so they can transition from frost to heat easily. These sweetly fragrant plants can beautifully cascade over your planters.

Vegetables and herbs

These plants are not just beautiful but edible too so you can have a multi-purpose garden that you can use for display and food. Vegetables like lettuce, rhubarb and parsley are great ideas that will create a fun mix.


If you want to add a twist to your typical bulb planters, consider planting perennials because they will add both colour and texture to your planters. Hellebore and columbines are great because they are known to bloom early.


This is a great example of a summer annual that can handle both the heat and cold. Smaller snapdragons will provide early bloom colour, whereas the taller ones will bring colour later on. In order for them to continue blooming successfully throughout the season, you will have to keep feeding them.

If you’re interested in new landscape design, Cedar Grounds can help. We specialize in both residential and commercial landscaping in the Oakville and Mississauga areas and can assist in lawn maintenance and care, so give us a call for more details today!

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