landscaping Oakville August 17, 2017

Summer yard maintenance is probably the last thing you want to spend time on during your relaxing and fun summer. With just three short months of nice weather, you’ll want to spend your weekends and evenings at the beach, at the cottage, hiking, on the patio, at a friend’s BBQ, walking your dog, or going for a bike ride. Anything but mowing, whipping, raking, mulching, trimming and pruning!

Although there are a million other things you’d rather do, it’s important not to neglect your yard over the summer. Here’s why summer yard maintenance is important for your home:

Soft, Lush Grass Please!

Do you have little kids who want to run around the yard in their bare feet? Do you want to kick a ball around with some friends after work? Or host a BBQ? Having soft, lush, grass will make a noticeable difference in how you use and enjoy your outdoor space over the summer. Not only is it more healthy for your lawn, but it looks more aesthetically pleasing.

Summer is Hard on Your Lawn

Your turf has extended a lot of energy growing in the springtime. Now, the heat and drought conditions of summer are the new stressors your grass has to contend with. Give your lawn the tools it needs to survive the hot summer months by watering and weeding it regularly. Be on the lookout for insect infestations like grubs, worms, fire ants, fleas, and mosquitoes.

If your lawn is in good shape it can probably survive the latter infestations, but if it’s in poor health and the infestation problem is severe enough, you may need to treat it with an insecticide.

Foot Traffic Woes

It’s great that your yard gets a lot of use over the summer months – it means you and your family are outside enjoying the fresh air! However, aggressive and consistent foot traffic is hard on your lawn. You’ll need to take extra care, especially in pathways that appear in high-traffic areas. Consider installing stones in these areas to minimize the impact of persistent weight.

Keeping Up with the Neighbours

Your home’s curb appeal is strongly influenced by the condition of your lawn, which is why summer yard maintenance is so important – it adds value and style to your home. If you live in a subdivision then you’re aware of neighbors walking or driving past your yard every day, and they’ll notice if it’s not looking its best. In fact, some neighborhoods require you to maintain your lawn so that neglectful homeowners don’t bring down the value of the overall neighborhood. Many cities also have local by-laws in place that hold homeowners responsible for keeping grass  and weeds under control.

Create an Oasis – Attract Birds, Butterflies and Pollinators

Plant bushes and trees that produce edible berries and colorful flowers to attract birds and butterflies. You’ll be able to create a very relaxing outdoor space, perfect for enjoying a morning coffee or evening glass of wine. Plus, pollinators like some bee varieties are excellent for the health of your garden.

Summertime yard maintenance is an important summer chore that you simply can’t ignore. But don’t worry! If you don’t have the desire or time to do it yourself you can get help. At Cedar Grounds Maintenance we take care of summertime yard maintenance for residential and commercial property owners, so that you can spend your summer having fun and making memories!

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