Landscape Design Mississauga October 7, 2021

There are so many ways to have your home looking brand new when you use professional landscaping services. The first step to having your home look brand new and clean is hiring someone who you can trust. Never hire a person or company who you know will not meet your needs. You deserve great services for the money that you are paying to the contractors or companies. This is especially important when wanting to have an aesthetic that matches your home. There are nine principles that come with making an exceptional landscape design, and we will tell you about them. 

  1. Effective landscape design improves user experience. Planning and organization make it easier for you to read and analyze your property. When planning how it should be designed, make sure to choose what you want in specific spaces.
  2. Creating a unit through consistency and repetition. When there are too many designs or patterns in your backyard, this makes it look crowded. You want to have a beautiful design, yet still make it feel like your backyard has loads of space.
  3. Strong lines make for strong designs. Lines are what make visitors and guests interpret and navigate a landscape. 
  4. Straight and curved lines can be used together in order to show movement. This is a great way to show that your property isn’t boring. Straight-line settings are common in urban places and big cities, curved lines are more common in rural areas. 
  5. Keep balance and symmetry in mind. Balance can be achieved by both formally and informally mirroring patterns and designs. A landscape should always have its own flow; however, you do need to use the principle of designs.
  6. Direct attention to form and shape are both elements that bring together designs in your backyard. The form describes the shape of an object as well as the relationship which two objects can have.
  7. Play with scale. This is when we compare the relationship and differences between two objects. The best way to describe how people use scale is when you would compare the environment with an ordinary person. 
  8. Inspiring emotional contact with colours and shapes. This is so important for creating landscape designs. Colours bring sparkle and shine into your home, it is also what makes people feel calm, sleepy or happy.
  9. Designing for people. The purpose for landscape design is to make yourself happy with your own home. This is usually done for those who live in urban areas and cities, since things feel crowded. Having a backyard with a new landscape design will allow you to spend time with friends and family.

These nine principles can help make an exceptional landscape design. Redesigning your home can be stressful, especially when trying to find a new aesthetic. If you are looking for lawn maintenance, landscape design and snow removal in the GTA, contact Cedar Grounds.

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