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Maintaining an eco-friendly lawn is not as hard as it may seem, and if you care about the environment, this is something you must do, and the following steps will make this a possibility:


1. Reduce The Size Of Your Lawn


Not only would this help reduce the cost of mowing, but would reduce the need for watering your lawn as well. There are different ways of making your lawn smaller, including the addition of a low-impact driveway and the replacement of your lawn with a patio. Adding a low-maintenance perennial garden is another way of shrinking your lawn, so you have options with this step.


2. Buy Certified Wood


If you are planning on building a fence or want to build a deck in your backyard, use certified wood, which is wood that has not been treated with chemicals and has been harvested in an eco-friendly way. The use of this type of wood would help support sustainable wood production, so consider certified wood for your next landscaping project.


3. Reuse Old Materials


This is very easy to do, and anyone can follow this step. It is possible to reuse a lot of the materials in your yard to improve your landscape design, and you can also look for materials on roadsides if you are creative. A little of imagination can go a long way, and it is very true when they say that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure because the options are endless. Old barrels, for example, can be used as flower pots, so go ahead and get creative.


4. Use Plants That Are Native To Where You Live


This will make them easier to maintain because they have adapted to the environment in which you live, so caring for them would be a lot easier. Ornamental grasses, tulips and marigolds are just a few examples of plants that will help you build an eco-friendly lawn, and there are also plants that are drought-resistant. These would help you save a ton of money on water, and you would also save time in terms of maintenance, so native plants are definitely worth looking into.


5. Use Trees To Save On Energy


Many people are unaware of the fact that they can save energy in their home by placing trees strategically on their lawn. Larger trees provide more shade, which will help you save money on cooling bills during the warmer months, so you can use trees to your advantage.

Cedar Grounds can help with all of your lawn maintenance needs. We are one of the top landscaping companies in the Mississauga and Oakville areas and specialize in lawn care and landscape design. We are experts when it comes to both commercial and residential landscaping and can help with snow removal as well, so if you’re ready for a beautiful lawn, give us a call today!

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