Interlocking Patios Guelph

interlocking patio guelph

Interlocking patios in Guelph are a popular and practical option to freshen up your home! The stones fit together to create a seamless patio design that is more versatile and reliable than cement or asphalt options.

Four Benefits of Interlocking Stones

There are many benefits to installing an interlocking patio in Guelph:

Weather Resistant

Unlike cement, interlocking stones wear well under extreme weather conditions. Interlocking stones are a great choice for climates where the temperature changes drastically, as they shift well with the freeze and thaw cycles instead of cracking.

Visual Appeal

Interlocking patios significantly enhance your home’s appeal and aesthetic. With a variety of shapes and colours – there is something for every home! Performing outdoor renovations also increases your home’s market value, giving you a greater return on your investment.

Low Maintenance & Durability

One of the best advantages of interlocking patios is they require very low maintenance. While you want your patio to look nice, it won’t add a lot of work to your home duties. Unlike cement or asphalt, if a section of your interlocking becomes damaged or stained, you won’t require a complete makeover – you can simply replace a couple of stones. Furthermore, interlocking paving stones are typically expected to last more than 30 years.

Quick Installation

Interlocking patios are generally easy to install, place in any weather, and mess-free. The best part, you can let the kids play and bring out the patio furniture onto the stones immediately afterwards.

Advantages of Patio Interlocking Services

Although it is possible to install an interlocking patio yourself, it’s highly recommended to work with a professional landscaping service for a number of reasons. A professional team is able to:

  • Grade the earth properly to ensure the patio will be level.
  • Ensure proper placement and spacing to guarantee longevity.
  • Fill the cracks with sand in order to limit weed growth and insect infestations.
  • Use their knowledge and expertise to best match the style of the patio to your home.

Interlocking Patios in Guelph

Are you interested in updating your home with an interlocking patio in Guelph? Cedar Grounds Maintenance provides a highly skilled team of professionals to help you with all of your interlocking needs from examining your options to installing the paver stones. Get the patio you always wanted!

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