commercial landscaping Mississauga June 16, 2017

Improve Your Business With Commercial Landscaping

How do you welcome your guests when they visit your business? Do you have clean welcome mats, a freshwater tower, refreshments, or business signs? These are just some ways businesses welcome their customers after they’ve walked through the door. As a business owner have you considered how you’re appealing to customers and potential clients before they walk through your doors?

When I first moved to a new city with my family, we decided to take a drive through the area to familiarize ourselves with the stores, dentists, walk-in clinics, community centres, and places to eat in the area.  We were approaching a business sign that read Emergency Veterinary Hospital and my wife got my attention, “look there’s an emergency pet hospital.”  Since we have two dogs, I thought it would be great to know where to take them in case of an emergency.  As we drove closer to the business, we both peered out the car windows and it appeared the veterinary hospital was no longer open for business. We didn’t notice an Open sign, the driveway had foliage scattered throughout as if no cars had recently driven through, and the shrubs and landscaping appeared unkempt. Later that week, as we researched vets in the area online, it turns out that the same location we recently passed was open and taking new patients.  

There was something about the lack of appeal from the outside that made us think to reevaluate the state of the business, it did not look open because it was deserted and dishevelled outside. It’s amazing how a well-manicured lawn, some fresh greenery, and colourful flowers can really bring to life and improve a business’ first impression.  It makes businesses more appealing by grabbing customer’s attention because who doesn’t like a neat and appealing space? As business owners, we should never ignore the power of aesthetics!

When you invite clients or customers to visit  your business and you have a  uniquely designed garden with landscaping features to greet them, it tells them your business is productive. Furthermore, it shows that  you care about the environment and take pride in maintaining your landscape in good condition for the surrounding community. If you’re considering getting commercial landscaping work done for your business Cedar Ground Maintenance specializes in large scale landscaping projects no matter how unique your property is. Cedar Ground Maintenance is located in Mississauga and services the surrounding areas. They offer the best prices and the most professional services around.  Contact them to get a quote today.


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