Landscape Design Mississauga-Cedar Grounds May 14, 2020

With summer fast approaching, homeowners are looking for ways to enhance or completely refresh their landscape and curb appeal. Redesigning your home’s landscape can seem overwhelming, especially because all homeowners want to ensure they’re planning and designing for a successful, opulent garden. Your landscape design is not only something to impress guests when entertaining, but it’s also for you to feel proud of and to overall complete the look of your home.

Whether it’s your first time landscaping or you’re an avid gardener, there are always tips and tricks that can enhance the design further. Read on for the key landscape design ideas for a successful, beautiful backyard.

Determine Your Landscape Design Needs

Before you get started on planting, organizing, and designing, you have to determine your wants and needs. If you have children, you’ll likely want to maintain a certain amount of space to accommodate playtime for the kids. If you enjoy gardening and growing vegetables, you may want to designate an area to grow fruits and vegetables. Laying down these thoughts prior to planting is a crucial part of organizing and landscape design.

Consider The Regulating Line

The regulating line is an architectural term that refers to the element of architecture or landscape design feature that creates an imaginary line to connect and organize the landscape. For example, some homeowners choose to align their walkway or garden to the swimming pool to make the landscape appear more orderly, defined, and cohesive. The regulating line is even seen as the key landscape concept that separates landscape beginners from professionals.

Understand the Differences Between Western and Eastern Landscape Design

There are two key types of landscape design, including the traditional Europe and Western Asia landscape and the nature-Esque Eastern Asia landscape. Professional landscapers often look to these streams to determine what style they want and how they will lay out their garden landscape. Western landscape designs often utilize straight lines, rectangles, and focus on symmetry. Eastern landscape prefers the use of irregular shapes, curvatures, and the use of water, rocks, or gravel to clearly emphasize the natural world.

Plant to Allow Growth

When planting plants in your garden, ensure you give them space to grow. If the landscape is dense and full, you should plant all plants and flowers with the intent to relocate them or remove some as they grow and mature. You can also opt for plants that grow much more quickly, live for a shorter period of time but are much “fuller” in appearance. You should also be planting big to small. Start off with finding a location and planting trees, then plant shrubs, and finally ground cover. This is effective not only for symmetry but for the health of the soil as well.

Cedar Grounds residential landscaping and commercial landscaping can enhance the curb appeal of any property. Our landscape design specialists in Mississauga offer full-service property maintenance and landscaping services to ensure the needs of your space are met. Contact us to schedule an appointment or for an estimate at 905-858-8528.

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