landscaping Mississauga-Cedar Grounds June 30, 2022

Hilly and sloped grounds can be difficult to work with when considering landscaping ideas because there is always the risk of soil runoff. While this kind of project can be tricky, there are a ton of great ideas you can consider, and the following will help you create a beautiful landscape:

Consider pathways or stairs

Access is important, and creating pathways or stairs will help in this regard. The stairs’ installation will ensure your and your guests’ safety as they make their way toward your home. Experiment with compelling hardscapes to create a design that is functional and beautiful and make sure your select the right materials so that your pathway or staircase is sturdy. 

Select the right plants

You must choose the right plants for hilly and sloped grounds because gardening and mowing can be especially challenging in these situations. You need to select plants and shrubs that can be easily maintained, and it’s also essential that they cater to the needs of your area. Taller shrubs and bushes and self-sowing perennials are highly recommended as they are low maintenance and work well every season. Additionally, they can grow in dry areas, so you would have less to worry about. 

Go for a layered look

Hilly grounds will create a tiered appearance, and contrasting colours will help you create a very stylish garden. Layering different flowers and landscaping elements will allow you to make a statement, so use your slope to your advantage and create winding paths to create movement. You can use cobbles, concrete or bricks for this project. 

Include eye-catching focal points

A retaining wall is great because it’s both functional and eye-catching and will help you hold back the soil. Ornaments can serve as focal points, and you can create symmetry by adding various design elements like curves to make your outdoor space more attractive. You can also consider a water feature if you want to make your space even more appealing.

Don’t forget about lighting. Appropriate lighting features are very important for safety purposes and can serve as décor. Adding lighting features on hilly or sloped grounds will add depth, and you will be able to create a contemporary look so your outdoor space will stand out for all of the right reasons. Using LED lights around a staircase will help you create a beautiful effect, which is also a great idea from a security standpoint. 

Hilly or sloped grounds do not have to hold you back from creating your dream garden, and the experts at Cedar Grounds will help you achieve your desired results. Our experience allows us to work on outdoor spaces of every kind, so if you have a hilly ground or another type of complicated space, do not hesitate to give us a call. We will help you create the perfect landscape design and are experts when it comes to lawn maintenance and care. We specialize in residential landscaping and are one of the top companies in the Mississauga area, so contact us today to hear more about our services!

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